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Name:Digital door lock


1 Working voltage: International standard batteries,4*1.5V alkaline batteries,DC 6V
2 Static power consumption: Less than 30μA
3 Working Current between: 150-300mA
4 Service life of batteries: For opening a door 15,000 times in nomal cases
5 Power supply: Batteries, plus external power supply
6 Password capacity: 300
7 Password length: 6digits
8 Warning voltage: 4.8V
9 Memory temperature: -30℃~70℃
10 Working temperature for keypad: -30℃~70℃
11 Working Humidity: 10%~97%
12 Electrostatic resistance: >15000V
13 Password setting Random: combiniation


 1. Code lock with which there is no need to worry about power supply.
 2. Especially suitable for European and other countries in installation standard size.
 3. When changing battery ,It is only required to open front cover by the special tool.
 4. Power supply in double indemnity ;
 A. Adopt battery set in front lock body for convenient replacement.
 B. 9V extra power to back up for lower power

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