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Name:Handless digital door lock


1 Working voltage: International standard batteries,4*1.5V alkaline batteries,DC 6V
2 Static power consumption: Less than 30礎
3 Working Current between: 150-300mA
4 Service life of batteries: For opening a door 15,000 times in nomal cases
5 Power supply: Batteries, plus external power supply
6 Password capacity: 300
7 Password length: 6digits
8 Standby power of working voltage: 9V
9 Warning voltage: 4.8V
10 Memory temperature: -30?~70?
11 Working temperature for keypad: -30?~70?
12 Working Humidity: 10%~97%
13 Electrostatic resistance: >15000V
14 Password setting: Random combiniation


1.Especially suitable for installation by non-professionals.
2.High quality with competitive price.
3.Very easy to operate, suitable for office, house and apartment.
4.There are two kinds of passwords: Master password and sub-password, which are easy to manage.
5.Change master password freely.
6.Master password can be used to add or delete any sub-password.
7.One-key opening function: freely press any key to open the lock.
8.If wrong passwords are put for 3 times continuously, it will stop for 10 seconds automatically.
9.Mechanical keys for emergency use.
10.There are three kinds of mortises for you to adopt: Single- latch, four-latch, and five-latch.
11.Password capacity is 300.
12.Use 9V back up battery when the power is low, which is safe and convenient.

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