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Name:RFID Human Tracking System
Human Tracking Software (HTS) provide a real time tracking and reporting of a user or a zone/region of interest. All access point is categorized as Zone/Region and number of user within the respective zone will be display in real time on a user defined graphical floor plan.
A pre-warning alarm will be triggered if
◆ Number of user in the zone/region reach a predefine limit
◆ User in the zone/region exceed a predefine time
◆ Some abnormality exists in the monitoring zone/region or abnormal user behavior.
From the historical tracking record, the administrator is able to do forecasting and analysis of the facility utilization. Optional trail run on the design system capacity handling such Emergency Evacuation performance on the response and "bottle-neck" can be activated during rehearsal.

HTS is practically useful at places like mines, prisons, army camp, schools, factory plants, government agencies and intelligent buildings, and other important places.

Staff's Current Position
Search using name, staff ID to find out the staff location, pop-up the staff location's electronic map.
Staff Situation at Current Region
Real-time retrieve the number of personnel, their details at various area, determine whether the number has reach pre-warning signal. At the same time, able to set the number of people that is allows to be at the area at a certain interval.
Illegal staff Display
Real-time display area if there is intruder and their information.
Stop-over time interval
Real-time display duration of stay for a staff at a region
Action Route Query
Query a person movement route and the stay over time at each area.
Area Transaction Query
Query an area, at a specific timing, number of people visited and their detail.
Illegal Entry HIstory Query
Query an area, at a specific timing, illegal entry and their pass history.
Alarm Consolidation
Illegal entry statistics and alarm events statistics
Line Graph
Plotting a line graph of the number or personnel at an area at a time interval
Intruder Alarm
Trigger Alarm when there is intruder.
Trigger alarm when the number of personnel in an area has reach a limits.
Full House Alarm
Trigger Alarm when the area is crowded with maximum number of people allowed.
Overtime Stay
Trigger alarm when a person stays too long in the region; over the allowable time.
Abnormal Movements alarm
Trigger alarm when happen case like a person appears at 2 different locations.
Alarm Handling
After the alarm warning, system will prompt for manually confirm and reset.
Area Setup
Support setup of area electronic map, describe regional with lines and background color.

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