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Name:Fingerprint&keypad lock

1.The front panel includes 12 keys
2.0-9 digit keys and “#”, “*” keys
3.Could input number and user's name, set passwordz
4.Sliding cover design
5.Solid and compact inner PCB prevent moisture & corrosion
 User management 
1.Could set up with master/user/guest
2.Each grade has different authorization
3.Auto-delete Guest’s finger when the date expired
4.Easy operation menu
5.Operate like your mobile
6.Basic system set up Accessing query
 Convenient accessing mode
1.Verify with registered fingerprint / password Needn’t carry a key
2.Optional multi-point mortise
3.Applicable with security door Higher security level protection.
 Normal open-keeps in unlocking status
1.Normal close-keeps in locking status
2.Working like the traditional mechanism lock
3.Power economized
4.Alarm with “beep” on low battery power
5.Power statue also displays on main menu.
6.Works with Dry/Rechargeable battery Inner Rechargeable battery self-charging function
  Blue LED display
1.Guide in English, language can be customized
 We provide security, also vogue!
1.32-chord polyphonic sound.With musical sounds prompt of Operation
  Emergency unlock
1.Emergency Keys to open External battery box in urgent situation.
 System initialization
1.Returns the lock to initialization condition
2.Recover system when encounters with unusual
  Checking records 
3.By date, by user name or one by one.
4.Managing your lock with intelligent tech.
 System protection
1.Auto-off when identification is refused 5 times.
2.Auto-shut down in 10sec if verified finger doesn’t access in


AWT-L8   Stand-alone    4*AA Battery – No PC operation 
L8N with TCP/IP    Easy Operation Software, applicable with either battery or   power supply 
* The way of power supply for lock with LAN can be chosen from the backside menu.  
1.Sensor    Optical with high abrasion resistance 
2.Scanning time    <1 Sec 
3.Response time    <1 Sec 
4.Resolution    500DPI 
5.Identification Method    1: N; 1:1 
6.Unlock:Fingerprint; Pin+ fingerprint; password ( can be defined ); manual key
7.FRR(False Rejection Rate)    0.001% 
8.FAR(False Acceptance Rate)   0.00001% 
9.Fingerprint capacity   300 Fingerprints ( 99 users )
10.Transaction records    50000
11.Static consumption   12uA
12.Dynamic consumption   10mA-300mA
13.System power supply   4 (AA) alkaline battery, external power supply port (emergency)
14.Working temperature    -30 ℃ ~85 ℃ 
15.Working humidity    <90% RH 
16.LCD    Blue backlight 
17.Language    Chinese, English 
18.Option    TCP/IP, RS232, RS485 communication 

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