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1.How to slect fingerprint lock?

1.How to select fingerprint locks?
How to select a good Fingerprint door lock? there are some suggestions for your reference:
1. What type of doors in your house,find the right saddle for your horse:
 for example,
If wooden door inside house, no need to select a big cylinder type fingerprint lock, one tongue cylinder is ok.
If it's the door outside, generally, a five tongue cylider is enough.
If your door is anti-thieft door,especially with bolt itself, you should ask suggestions from local engineers, check details before purchasing, if not, you may lose money, because it's little difficult to find the right locks.

2. Another factor is security level:
If you just don't want to take keys, a simpleoptic fingerprint door lock is enough.
If you want to avoid copy type silicagel finger, you should select live fingerprint sensor type lock, under such a lock, only finger from a live person can open the lock, there's no use even someone uses the finger cutted from hands.
3. In the mean time,You also need to care about functions.
This is information management type door lock, so it has more functions than the traditional locks, you can set super users, always unlock , and other functions
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